doc-tor /ˈdɒk tər/


A person licensed to practice medicine as a physician or surgeon.


Doctor - a word that can mean more than just an occupation. It is a profession that requires

both passion and dedication. However, before we can assume this role, we must endure the

lessons in medicine. Anatomy, biochemistry, pathology - these are only a few of the common

subjects of interest offered by any medical institution. But what about passion? Empathy?

The 'human touch'? What about social awareness? Global health issues?


In order to become more than doctors who simply treat diseases, we need to step out and experience situations in which our passion and empathy can be magnified, where we can see with our own eyes the circumstances people are in. And with this desire to heal not only the patient's body but also the patient's heart, Medical Outreachers was born.


China is our start. As passionate and devoted medical students of Hong Kong, we hope to provide a chance for our colleagues to think out of the box, look at social issues from a different perspective and assist them in developing a comprehensive world view.


The Medical Outreachers programme is founded on this basis. It is in our best interest to provide a chance for our friends to explore their own potential, both deepening and widening their comprehension of the relevant issues.


After all, we are the next health ambassadors.