Local Services 


Our goal is to achieve sustainability through local services, be it through our hospital visits, health checks, or workshops. As Hong Kong medical students, we aspire to cater to those in need within our proximity, while providing ourselves with experience-based knowledge. 

Current Services

Alzheimer's Service Project

in collaboration with the Jockey Club Centre for Positive Aging

Domestic Helpers Service

in collaboration with TCK Learning Centre

Grantham Hospital Service

Asylum Seekers & Refugees Service 

in collaboration with Refugee Union

Homeless Service Trips

in collaboration with the Salvation Army

Past Services
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Rare Disease Project


Rare Disease Patients are one of the most neglected demographics in Hong Kong. Not only do they face issues such as incorrect diagnosis by physicians, lack of subsidy for medication and treatment, lack of clear policy by government of HK, their inspiring yet tear-jerking life stories are often obscured from public view. 

Through this Rare Disease Project, we have enabled medical students to interview the life stories of rare disease patients in HK and share these stories to the public. We hope to be able to shine a light on the hidden plights of rare disease patients, and at the same time build up the empathy and communication skills of medical students, enabling them to become better doctors in the future.

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China Coast Community

Elderly home visits to China Coast Community is also a new operation launched this year. Throughout a month’s time, students will be able to visit the foreign elderly at the center, while engaging in attachments with physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and nurses. Through this opportunity, students will be able to grasp a new understanding of chronic illness, how it affects one’s daily life, and the roles of cooperation within a medical team.