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Nepal Medical Service Trip

Project Namtar is part of Medical Outreachers’ long term project in the Namtar village in Nepal. This June, we will be extending our services to a nearby village, Kalikatar. 


The objectives of our project include targeting health gaps in both villages, such as the limited access to information and health services, and to improve health awareness and practice. We will tackle these issues by three main interventions: health education, health camp and household visits. Through these activities, we aim to deliver information relevant to the villagers’ daily life and address prevalent problems, like water-borne diseases and how to reduce their incidence, prevention of work injuries etc. We also aspire to create a long-lasting impact on the community, so aside from our biannual visits to continuously evaluate our interventions, we hope to introduce and ensure maintainable changes at the villages. For example, assisting them in establishing long-term student-initiated health education teams, or training local volunteers and capacity-building programs to empower the local people to take ownership of the health of the community.

Project Namtar

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