Regional Services 


Mainland China and Hong Kong are connecting in many aspects, especially in medical and healthcare services. As passionate medical students of Hong Kong, we believe that reaching beyond our local community is important. Thus, mainland China is also a main pillar of our services. Throughout regional services, we aim to we aim to provide medical education and health checks to underprivileged citizens across the border. 

Current Services
Past Services
Operation Smile

A smile is the most beautiful expression of happiness. Yet, many children in Mainland China do not have a chance to smile due to their facial deformities. In cooperation with Operation Smile China, Medical Outreachers will provide precious opportunities to medical students to devote themselves in the medical missions which reconstruct children’s smile. During these trips, medical students may help with pre or post operation care, or clinical translators within the clinical setting.

Operation Concern

In cooperation with Operation Concern, regional trips have been organized to poverty-striken and remote areas of Mainland China. Along with medical professionals, medical students are able to reach out and treat the poor and the handicapped during these trips. The aim is to revisit centres within the mainland and revisit them at least once a year in various small teams, each led by a designated orthopaedic surgeon.



Organized by Collaborating Centre for Oxford University and CUHK for Disaster and Medical Humanitarian Response (CCOUC), these regional service trips target rural areas in Mainland China where health issues are prevalent, but have not been properly addressed. Separated into two trips of needs assessment and health intervention, each medical mission is catered to the needs of the village through the collec- tion of data. Through this trip, students are able to positively reflect on the need of continuity in healthcare and the importance of catered healthcare systems.