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Mission and Core Values

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Our Mission

Reach out · Create · Inspire

Beyond hospital walls and medical textbooks lies real people in real need. In order to become more than doctors who simply treat diseases, we need to step out and experience situations in which our passion and empathy can be magnified, where we can see with our own eyes the hardships people around us face. With this desire to heal not only the patient's body but also the patient's heart, we make it our mission to instil long-lasting impacts on communities in need.

Our Vision

We strive for a world where equity in health is attained regardless of background, and where health gaps in communities are acknowledged and filled.

Our Vision

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Core Values

· Direct Service ·

We believe in the importance of stepping out -- to offer direct and immediate help by engaging with service targets. While it is crucial to raise public awareness, Medical Outreachers places more emphasis on the quality interaction between volunteers and the needy. 

· Sustainability ·

Sustained effort is key to truly bring about change, since many health gaps are caused by deep-rooted socioeconomic problems. Understanding our service targets in depth also allows us to accurately pinpoint and address their concerns, while refining our interventions. 

· Medically-related ·

We hope to utilise the knowledge, experience and connections we gain as medical students, through performing medically-related interventions that target various aspects of health.

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