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Medical Outreachers Annual Project

The first Medical Outreachers Annual Project (MO Project) started off as an interview documentary during the COVID-19 pandemic, led by HMOs of the 12th Executive Committee. Across the years, we have transformed its nature into an annual large-scaled service project, led by a core committee comprising members from all 3 teams. 

Aims and Vision

1. Reach out to communities outside the scope of services currently provided by our respective teams

2. Harness the strengths and efforts of each session; to integrate all teams in one single project

MO14 Project


In Stride With SEN

In August, our annual project「融」夢飛翔: “In Stride with SEN” was successfully held in collaboration with Learning Bridge Association and Live Play love with the aim of embracing students with special educational needs as well as fostering understanding and empathy between mainstream and SEN students.

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