Bring a difference to neglected communities globally.




Support a service target

Provide a person in need with basic hygiene or medial supplies 

Support a project

Support the cost needed to purchase various medical equipment to facilitate health checks

Support a team

Fuel logistics for an entire team, such as the local team, regional team, International team or Humans of Medical Outreachers


Please email us your proof of donation by pressing the 'PayMe' button 

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Why should I donate?

While we have made some great strides, Medical Outreachers still have a lot to accomplish. Since Medical Outreachers is completely student-based, our tight budgets from scholarships only allow us to provide basic health talks and health checks, but not highly tangible support.


In order to sustain our current projects and upscale new initiatives, we would need a secure source of financial support. For example, we would like to assist in the construction of toilets in a Nepal village where villagers have no access to established ones. Hence, we are sincerely inviting you to support us and our future endeavours by donating to our team.


How will my donations be used?

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Your donation would be used for a few purposes including:

  • Purchasing medical supplies such as sphygmomanometers and pulse oximeters for health checks).

  • Supporting basic operating costs (e.g. website, booking of venues).

  • Supporting publications (e.g. documentaries, newsletters).

  • Medical Students Outreach Fund: A fund set up to support less privileged medical students to go on service trips and develop a heart for humanitarian medicine. (please donate through direct bank payment for this item)

How can I keep track of my donation?

We will send you a confirmation email after we have received your donation.

In the near future, we will be releasing our financial records on this page for transparency and to allow you to be updated about our work.


Virtual Flag-selling Initiative

Upon confirmation of donation, we will send you our specially designed MOHK virtual flags in the confirmation email!