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Our Mission

Reach out. Create. Inspire.

Beyond hospital walls and medical textbooks lies real people in real need. In order to become more than doctors who simply treat diseases, we need to step out and experience situations in which our passion and empathy can be magnified, where we can see with our own eyes the hardships people around us face. With this desire to heal not only the patient's body but also the patient's heart, we make it our mission to instil long-lasting impacts on communities in need.

Holding Hands

Our Origin

Medical Outreachers Hong Kong (MOHK) is a certified charitable institution run by medical students from the University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. We routinely organise medical-related service trips locally, regionally and internationally.


In 2009, 11 enthusiastic medical students returned from a simple two-week summer service trip to Sichuan, China. Touched and motivated by the power of humanitarian medical work, they founded MOHK with the hopes of sharing precious medical knowledge and resources to neglected communities around the world.

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Our Work

Throughout the years, not only have we provided basic hygiene and medical supplies to asylum seekers in Hong Kong, but we have also provided health education to underprivileged children in Sichuan, while supplying rural Nepalese villagers with access to clean water by setting up water tanks for them. For more details of our projects, please refer to our Services page.

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