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Asylum Seekers and Refugees Service

While the exodus of refugees at volatile regions in the Middle East captivates global attention and concern, have we ever realised refugees might just be around us in our daily encounters? Currently, refugees and asylum seekers constitute a population of more than 10,000 people in our community. They are plagued with the same issues of stigmatization, discrimination and deprivation of rights and access to resources like refugees in any part of the world. While such group might possibly pose various social problems, we believe, as a cosmopolitan and developed city, and for humane reasons, it is unjustifiable to deny this group of the basic right of health. As a result, Medical Outreachers has worked with Health in Action, a local NGO established by dedicated local medical professionals serving underprivileged groups, to offer health empowerment sessions to this vulnerable population. We provided rudimentary health checks to reassure them of their health statuses. We organised talks delivered by specialist doctors to addresses their specific health concerns. We briefed ASR individuals on their basic rights entitled and we escorted them to public hospitals in times of urgency to mediate miscommunications and conflicts between them and frontline staff. We need your support.

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