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Sichuan Medical Service Trip

MO x MediCare

We collaborate with MediCare Resources Ltd. in organizing medical service and education programs in Liangshan, Sichuan. Xin Wang Ai Primary School (信望愛學校) is a newly established rural primary school in Liangshan, dedicated to providing primary education of reasonable price or even free-of-charge for economically deprived Yi (彝族) children. Many of these children are from broken families living in rural areas and they face prominent health problems, such as poor water hygiene, chronic alcoholism, and chronic smoking. We are especially concerned about the lack of basic health knowledge regarding personal hygiene among the students and teachers. Hence, we aim to implement a 5-year health education curriculum project aiming to change the health condition through knowledge and behavior empowerment since childhood.​





We believe health education since childhood is an effective and sustainable way of shaping the health mindset of the future community. The curriculum is devised by CUHK and HKU medical student participants, aiming to raise students’ health awareness on common childhood diseases, wound management, water hygiene, food and nutrition, mental health, dental health etc.. “Training the Teacher” is adopted to enhance sustainability. In a wider scope, we will couple with personal hygiene surveys, health talks and basic health checks in poor rural villages in the region to amplify the influence in the whole Liangshan community.

Through this project, we aim to ensure a hygienic and healthy life for people of all ages in the Liangshan community through providing long-term learning opportunities for students from a diverse background, thus enhancing their susceptibility to illness and diseases, which is crucial to improve the quality of life in the region. At the same time, we hope that these experiences will be an inspiration to medical students as they learn to reach out and make a difference in others’ lives.

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Our Interventions

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Household surveys are carried out at the rural homes of Xinwangai's students to evaluate local living conditions and identify the possible interventions to be made.

Village Visit

1. BMI
2. Eyesight assessment
3. Colour vision assessment
4. Ears wax examination 
5. Ear irrigation

Health Check

Current focus includes infectious disease prevention, wound management, nutrition & diet, and sex education. 

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