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與「心」同行: A Journey To Mental Wellness is an interactive workshop made possible by the collective efforts of the 13th Executive Committee of Medical Outreachers Hong Kong, and the support of The Mental Health Association of Hong Kong.


Students, experiencing their turbulent teenage lives and a transition into independence from family, are vulnerable to developing mental health issues that may not be identified by those around them, resulting in the persistence and worsening of such issues in the absence of outside help and guidance. The core objectives for this workshop include raising awareness about mental health disorders, their destigmatisation, educating participants to recognise individuals exhibiting symptoms of such disorders and how to direct them towards appropriate support services.


Two sessions of the workshop were successfully held on the 29th and 30th of October, supporting over 100 secondary school students and undergraduate students. We are pleased to report that positive reviews overall have been received, and we greatly value the feedback from our participants, to make further improvements should there be more events in the future.


For those who were not able to attend our workshop, or wish to revisit the simulation again, please find the video posted on our Youtube Channel ‘Medical Outreachers Hong Kong’. You may also view the photo gallery containing photos taken during the workshop.

Simulation video

Photo Gallery

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