Regional Services 


Mainland China and Hong Kong have connections in many aspects, especially in context of medical and healthcare services. As passionate medical students from Hong Kong, we believe that it is crucial to reach beyond our local community. Therefore, mainland China is also a major focus of MO. Through health education and medical services, we aim to raise the health awareness and improve the quality of life of underprivileged people across the border. 

Current Services
MediCare Sichuan Service Trip

In this trip, we travel to the Liangshan region of Sichuan, China, where we will focus on the delivery of health education within Xin Wang Ai Primary School (信望愛學校).

We aim to develop a comprehensive health curriculum and deliver it to the underprivileged students within the area. Through conducting village household visits and health checkups for the students, we hope to develop our participants’ clinical and communication skills. By doing such activities, we aspire to deliver information relevant to the student’s and villagers' livelihood with the hopes of improving their health awareness and personal hygiene. Through our health checks, we aim to provide immediate feedback on their health condition to villagers such that they may make healthy changes to their daily habits. All in all, we believe that our trip will empower both students and villagers alike.

Leprosy Sichuan Service Trip

The Leprosy Sichuan Service Trip is co-organized by Medical Outreachers (MO), our local NGO partner - Rotary Club of Hong Kong and 清風福康 based in Sichuan. Leprosy remains a scourge in China, where sufferers live out their lives in isolation, ostracised by society. They are staying in ‘Leprosy Rehabilitation Villages’ while their needs are seldom attended to. In this brand new initiative, we aim to reach out to the long-neglected leprosy patients in the Liangshan region, show our care for them and create a sustainable impact by raising their health awareness through health education. During the trip, we will visit the leprosy villages and carry out various health-related activities, including rehabilitation workshop, health education, health survey and health checks. Rehabilitation workshop will be held in which participants will demonstrate different exercises to restore leprosy patients to their maximal physical well-being. Apart from that, health education will be conducted to correct villagers’ misconceptions and remind them of the correct health practices in order to raise their health awareness and quality of life. In addition, we will also conduct health surveys and health checks in traditional Yi villages to help them spot abnormal patterns in their body conditions and pave the way for intervention in the future.

Thalassemia Service Trip

Thalassemia Service trip is a part of Medical Outreachers’ long-term project in the Guangdong region of China. This project has been ongoing for 3 years and we will be reaching out to thalassemia children and their families.


This project aims to increase the health awareness of thalassemia patients by conducting health exhibitions and health checks for children and parents alike, as well as reducing the stigma towards these patients. Some of the diagnostics we would carry out include pulmonary and eye function testing as these are common side effects of thalassemia treatment. Through health surveillance, we aim to help patients monitor the progression of their condition so that they can seek immediate medical attention.