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Become a part of the 15th executive committee



Tea Gatherings (CUHK: 11th September, HKU: 12th September)

Submit your application (7th-16th September)

First Interview (Online, 20th-22nd September)

Post-Interview task: (Released to applicants on 23rd September; Deadline 27th September)

Second Interview  (1st-2nd October)

Release of results (9th October)

Application form 

Click HERE to fill in the form now!

What do you need to prepare?

  1. Self-introduction (200-300 words)

  2. 1 - 2 page CV 

  3. Creative photo sharing (Show us your life in 5 pictures!)

  4. For PnP applicants, please show us some of your design work as well! (up to 5)

Tea Gathering

In case you missed our MO15 ExCo tea gatherings, check out our powerpoint here or watch the recorded session of our HKU tea gathering in the link here

  • Why Medical Outreachers?
    If you are looking for a society that balances doing serious work with having loads of fun with your fellow medical students, Medical Outreachers is the perfect society to join! While we spend a great amount of effort holding meetings to plan our service projects, we also know that a big incentive of joining a society in university is to meet friends beyond our PBL group, Ocamp group, or even our universities. Medical Outreachers is very close-knit society and each team would meet up regularly for lunch/dinners and for activities such as picnics, canoeing, bowling etc - birthday surprises are obviously a given as well. After all, it is always good to find a supportive friend group that will be by our side throughout the 6 years of medical school. With a sharp focus on community service, you will be able to show care for people from many different walks of life. By interacting with populations that you will serve in the future as a professional, you can understand their real needs and better equip yourself to be the best doctor possible. If you join us, not only can you provide direct hands-on services to the needy, you can also gain insight on what goes on behind the scenes of NGOs, be it finance, promotion or management.
  • How is the workload like?
    Since Medical Outreachers is a certified charitable organisation, we do have to put a lot of time and effort in maintaining connections with external parties, organising databases, planning events and recruiting helpers. However, throughout the 10+ years that MOHK has been run, all of our members have had more than enough time for their own hobbies and studies apart from society work. After all, time management is the name of the game in medical school!
  • What are the post-interview tasks?
    In order to assess your knowledge on our society and our services, we designed a set of tasks for you to complete. Examples of what you would do include proposals, design work, year plans and so on. The tasks you would receive depend on your post preferences!
  • How long is my term of office?
    We change our executive committee each year. As such, you will be working in the society for 1 year!
  • What are the posts available?
    We have a total of 22 spots in the executive committee. The posts availabe include President, Vice President (3), Financial Secretary (1), Financial Assistant (2), General Secretary (1), Editor for Humans Of Medical Outreachers (2), Public Relations Officer (3), Publications and Promotions Officer (3), Executive Officer (6)
  • How do I know about my application status?
    We will keep you updated through email. Remember to check your emails regularly!
  • What is Creative Photo Sharing?
    In order for us to learn more about you beyond your past achievements, we want to know you as a person. Let us know what your hobbies are, what places you like, what your favorite food is....anything! Feel free to showcase 5 pictures of your life in any way you can think of!
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