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Humans of Medical Outreachers

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“I used to teach children with special education needs (SEN). Teaching requires a huge amount of love; teaching SEN children, many of whom are physically and mentally handicapped, demands “double love”. It’s not an easy job – very often we devote a lot of time and effort but never get the results we wanted to see.” (She was showing the sign of the word “love” in the photo!) “我以前在特殊學校任教。教孩子需要愛心,教有特殊需要的孩子需要的更是 ‘雙重愛心’,因為他們當中很多都 是弱智或弱能的。這絕對不是一份容易的工作 – 我們可能付出了雙倍的時間和心血, 但也得不到我們想得到的成果。”(相片中是“愛”的手語動作)