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Humans of Medical Outreachers

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“Back home in Uganda, there are four thousand children who have been through our care. My favorite part of WATOTO is the children. They are always full of life and energy. In WATOTO, they get to grow and gain exposure. It makes them believe that they can be much more than what they have imagined. It is amazing to see the transformations in their lives. Simply mind-blowing.” “在烏干達,WATOTO照顧過多達四千個非洲兒童。我最喜歡的當然是孩子們!他們總是充滿生機和活力。在WATOTO,他們有接受教育、成長和增廣見聞的機會。這令孩子們相信他們能做到的,遠比自己想像中的多。目睹他們生命的改變是一件十分奇妙的事。"