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Humans of Medical Outreachers

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“One piece of advice for medical students?” “Try to feel passionate about something. It doesn’t matter what other people say. It doesn’t matter if that doesn’t help improve your grades. This way you can wake up refreshed and energized every morning. Do whatever you like, make mistakes and learn something from them – that’s how you become more of a human.” — “給醫學生的一個忠告?” “尋找一件你真心喜歡做的事吧! 不要在意其他人的目光,不要在意這件事能否令你學業進步。只有這樣你才能精神充沛地迎接每一天。做你喜歡的事,犯一些錯誤,然後從中學習 – 這能令你更有人性。”