Aims and Future Direction


Medical Outreachers is committed to mobilizing the power of humanity. Through offering various service opportunities, not only do we aim to create lasting impacts in the community we reach out to, but also within the medical students involved. 


The development and expansion of Medical Outreachers may be briefly outlined through three stages; local, regional and international. In the upcoming 2021 session, our goal is to continue to provide more opportunities and services, thereby increasing diversity, for medical students to engage in the humanitarian practice of medicine. Medical Outreachers is a platform for them to gain exposure, understand healthcare situations and raise the standards of humanistic care. Altogether, we aim to cultivate the passion and devotion in the practice of medicine. 


Gathering a group of passionate leaders and cultivating the enthusiasm to serve. 


Furthermore, in accordance with the our mission of becoming a platform for medical students, we hope that everyone can have equal chances in participating in our trips. Especially with the innovation of international trips this year, we strongly believe that no student should be at a deprived from opportunities of voluntary services due to personal financial difficulties. The Medical Students Outreach Fund (MSOF) was hence created in 2015 and plays an indispensible role in developing our future services. 


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