Our Mission



The Medical Outreachers is grown and matured from a previous project called 'Healing Hands, Loving Spirit'. Originally, our precursor was a simple two-week summer service trip to Sichuan. It was organised by The Hong Kong Model United Nations Club (HKMUNC) whose mission was to arouse youth's awareness of global issues. Returning from the Sichuan trip, eleven enthusiastic medical students felt enlightened and wished to share their findings to their peers. The group of eleven came together and thus Medical Outreachers (Chinese: 醫心) was born.


Outreaching - that is our main notion. Through adventuring outside of our comfort zone to reach out to the needy, we believe we could cultivate our passion and devotion in the practice of medicine. Let our flame not be diminished, but rather, spread to our neighbouring friends. It is that simple.
Yes, we are indeed advocates of the 'human touch'.
第二是指出我們醫治的不但是病人的疾病,還有是病人的心。 因此,我們在治療時,不只單靠藥物或手術,更要以病人為中心,多方面照顧,從而令他們達到身心的健康。
To create and inspire positive, lasting changes through humanitarian actions. The two operative words are "create" and "inspire"; we hope to create improvements on ones we have helped, and in the process, inspire ourselves towards positive personal development.
Advocation & Contribution
To celebrate and promote charitable endeavours within the medical community.
Education & Experience Sharing
To converge knowledge and foster healthy relationships between interested parties.